Tournament rules

Rules of the Tournament

1. All matches shall be played in accordance with the German
Football Association’s (DFB) Laws of the Game.

2. All matches will be refereed by referees who are registered
members of the DFB. Referee’s decisions are final.

3. Age group: C category youth players, born on or after

January 2004.

The referee will conduct an identity check prior to each team’s
first match. Players must be in possession of a valid player’s
licence issued by the relevant national association.
Prior to the start of the tournament, the team supervisor will
provide the tournament organisers with a list of all players (16
(max.) eligible to play. No additional players can be added to
the list after the first match.

4. Match playing time: 2 halves, 15 minutes each

5. If, prior to the start of the match, the referee requests for a
change of strip due to a similarity between the colours worn
by the two teams, the “home” team shall be required to
change into its “away” strip.

6. A maximum of 16 players per team are eligible to play. Three
substitute players are permitted per team during the match.
Substitutions may only be made during a stoppage in play,
and only with the permission of the referee. Players
substituted out of a match, may not be substituted back into
that match.

7. The referee may penalise individual players as follows:
Yellow card: Warning
Two yellow cards, leading to a red card: Sending off and a
one-match ban
Straight red card: Sending off and (at least) a one-match ban
The tournament committee will decide on any longer match
bans directly after the final whistle.

8. If a team fails to take the field on time, or does not show up at all
for a group/main round match, without a valid reason, it will forfeit
the match with 0 points and a score of 0:2.
If the match is abandoned due to the fault of one of the two clubs,
the team of the club at fault will be awarded no points from the
match. The match will be awarded to the opponent, and it will be
awarded 3 points at a score of 2:0 if the match was drawn or this
opponent was losing the match at the time it was abandoned. If this
opponent was leading the match by a greater margin of goals, this
goal difference will be applied.
If the match is abandoned due to the fault of both clubs, then
neither team will be awarded any points. Both teams will be
deemed to have won 0 points at a score of 0:2.

9. There are 24 teams taking part in the 2018 Nike Premier
Cup 2018. The first stage is the group stage of six groups,
with four teams in each group. The group winners and the
two best group runners-up will qualify for the main round
(quarter final), which will be held on a knock-out basis. If 2 or
more teams in one group have the same number of points after the
matches are complete, then
1. goal difference,
2. the number of goals scored, shall decide the standings.
The same applies in deciding the two best group runners-up, if
teams are on the same number of points.
If teams are still tied according to these criteria, a penalty shoot-out
will take place in accordance with the DFB’s Laws of the Game
(identical to those of FIFA).

10. Main round:
If these games end in a draw, they will be decided on a penalty
shoot-out as described in No. 9.

11. Additional regulations:
Any incidents or events not provided for in the rules shall be ruled
on by the tournament organisers, who will consult the DFB’s Laws of
the Game (identical to those of FIFA) in such cases.

12. The tournament event organisers, 4attention and Nike accept no
liability for the damage to or loss/theft of property belonging to